Random Rants: Thoughts while walking the dog

Just a bunch of thoughts that I was rolling around in my head this morning. Some correlate, some don’t. Don’t feel compelled to read it, it’s not thought-provoking. Just….random.

1. Don’t pray and ask God for something if you’re not going to take full advantage of it when he gives it to you. (I.e. Don’t pray for a job and then complain about the long hours)

2. Today is a good day to tell your parents you love them.

3. Mom’s are always right. They really know what’s best for you and always have your best interest in mind.

4. “After sex, men are tired, sleepy, and hungry. The same symptoms of an allergy attack.”-from a book I’m reading.

5. I sometimes act like a 24-year old, and sometimes I can be a little sensitive. It’s ok, I’m a 24-year old woman.

6. There’s no better feeling than when your dad tells you he’s proud of you.


8. Seems like everyone my age is jumping the broom. I still can’t even imagine taking that leap yet. I think I’ve already met my future, I just don’t know that it’s him.

9. A guy complimented me yesterday when I was walking my dog down the street. Nothing raunchy or degrading. Just a very simple and genuine compliment. And then he left it at that. Wasn’t tryna holla and didn’t even really seem interested. That was nice.

10. I’m expecting to make some big moves in the very near future.

11. My dog is the shit. Period.

12. I’m so happy to have met Jerica Shackleford. I can identify a little better with her than some of my other friends on this side of the world. I don’t have to filter or censor myself. I can just be me. I think I found a new life-long friend.

13. If we all could learn to communicate effectively, we’d all be so much happier.

14. It’s nice to connect with old friends. Big up to facebook!

15. I wonder what my mom was like when she was my age. My mom is gorgeous.

16. I don’t care what anyone says, I think I sing pretty well. Not well enough to win a reality show or land a record deal, but I think I’m pretty good. And I love to do it.

17. I wonder what my life would be like if I actually completed something that I set out to do. Does that mean I have commitment issues?

18. I’m not deep. Not really creative. I have no talent. Not as funny as others. And I’m still the shit.

19. Men are weird.

20. Most of the time it’s ok to buy the generic brand. Other times, you should go for what you know.

21. I wonder how much different high school would have been if my parents believed in buying me Jordans, a 2-way pager, and all the other stupid, material stuff that makes kids feel accepted.

22. Why am I eating things when I don’t know what’s in them? I’m going to start reading labels more often. Trust no one.

23. I’m all grown up. Wow.

24. It’s nice to see the spoiled brats of Howard University get some balls.

25. I don’t like certain groups of people to include: Loud, ghetto black people; Asians that don’t know how to walk through the mall or drive; White people who say dumb shit about Obama because they want to see him fail; Men who wear skinny jeans; Men who walk more feminine than I; Women who hate other women because they’re insecure; The pretentious; Those who try to run the lives of others and don’t know shit; The non-readers; The judgemental; The uncouthe; Nasty old men; Those who feel they have something to prove. There, I said it.


27. What’s for lunch?

28. I love my co-workers. They’re awesome.

29. Thank God for Jesus.

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