What Grinds My Gears: Things I Do That Grind the Gears of Other People

Here is a very short list of things that I do that some find irritating, and others just find to be weird:

1. I brush my teeth in the shower. It’s just easier to do everything all at once in the same place when I’m getting ready for my day.

2. If my (soy) milk isn’t ice cold, I will pour it into a glass and stir about 3 cubes of ice in until it reaches the desired temperature. Then, I’ll throw the ice out, and put the milk into my cereal. If it’s not ice cold, I won’t eat it. In fact, I used to get so livid with my brother for leaving the milk on the counter while he ate his cereal, as opposed to putting it directly back into the refrigerator. Even if it only sat for 5 minutes, I would be pissed!

3. If I go to see a movie that starts after 10:00, I will surely fall asleep. It never fails. I’m just not a late night movie-watcher.

4. If I’m under the weather, I’m less than pleasant. In fact, I’m pretty nasty (not in a good way).

5. Like most women, I am over-analytical about most things, particularly those pertaining to the opposite sex.

6. I think about what I say after I say it. I have a pretty venomous tongue, and I come quick with it.

7. I absolutely HATE chocolate.

8. I’m obsessed with Carmex. It’s my life.

9. I always fall asleep on the phone. Doesn’t matter who I’m talking to, how serious the conversation is, or what it’s about. If I’m sleepy, I’m going to sleep.

10. When I’m nervous, I clear my throat a whole lot.

11. I would much rather lay still and let the man do all the work than get on top. In a perfect world, I would never be on top. Never. However, I understand that in order to be a productive participant in the experience, I must (sometimes) switch it up, and be good at it.

12. Apparently I have an annoying speaking voice. Others would argue differently. I think I do sound pretty weird on the phone though.

13. I’m a little needy. I don’t have any family within 3,000 miles and very few friends. So, I do tend to lean on some a little more than others. Sue me.

14. (A new development) It turns out that I can’t sit still to save my life. I’ve always known that I have a tendency to rock myself to sleep, but it’s been brought to my attention that I must have ADD. Whenever I’m sitting or laying (usually) for an extended period of time, I may shake my leg,  rock back and forth, or do some kind of windmill thing with my legs (not as retarded as it sounds). This is also evident when I’m eating. Eating makes me happy, and therefore makes me move…….and hum a tune 🙂

Why do these things bother others so much? I have no idea. They all seem to be pretty normal to me, but I’m sure the list goes on…….

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