Things about men that turn me on

I was reading Jozen’s blog one day as I do every day right before I leave work, and read a few things from a list of turn-ons that he compiled that completely caught me by surprise. I never would’ve thought that men would ever admire some of the items on the list. So, I decided to make a list of my own to see if it had the same effect on the opposite sex. Comments from both genders are welcome. Here goes……

1. Basketball players. They’re usually taller than I, even when I wear my tallest heels, which at 5’10” is no easy task. They also have the best bodies. Lean and cut, not too muscular or husky like football players.

2. A man who also turns the music on and dances around his room when he thinks nobody’s looking. There’s nothing better than peeking in while a man is tryna get his Chris Brown on. And when he sees that I’ve been admiring his attempts through the cracked door…….priceless.

3. Good in the kitchen. Particularly one who can make a decent lasagna and/or strawberry shortcake. They’re my favorite. I haven’t found one yet, but my tummy says he’s out there.

4. Guys with unisex names. A masculine man with a less than masculine name is extremely sexy. Big up to Sidney Poitier and Blair Underwood. Nicknames are pretty hot too.

5. Good with his hands. I’m pretty handy when it comes to tightening screws or hanging pictures, but I’ll never be able to install a ceiling fan, adjust my plumbing, or change the oil in my car. If I can WATCH my man work and have him even show me a thing or two, chances are I will be making tacos that night. After all, who wouldn’t want to be The Maintenance Man?

6. Keeps a clean bedroom. I can maintain the cleanliness of my car, and the rest of my house, but I absolutely HATE cleaning my room and I refuse to make my bed. If he can take charge of that one thing to make my load lighter, he’s in. 

7. A drinker. Sipping whiskey is very awkward when my date is having strawberry lemonade.

8. One who compliments and complements me. To let me know that I’m “so beautiful” when I feel like I look like something out of The Jungle Book still makes me blush and gives me butterflies. Taking the arm of someone to show the world that “I’m with him” gives me the same feeling I would have as a kid when I found out we were having McDonald’s for dinner. 

9. An artist. I will drop my draws for most singers, musicians, actors, poets, or anyone who has respect for the arts. I especially like pianists, guitarists, drummers, poets, and singers who sound Tyrese or Eric Benet-ish.

10. An accent of some sort. Particularly a Southern or NY accent. This excludes DC, West Indian, African, and most, but not all international dialects. I get jealous of people with an established culture based on where all, if not most of their family originates. My family were slaves. Our culture is based on Christianity, minstrel shows, dogs and fire hoses, and greens & cornbread.

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