A True Blonde

You ever hear people say, “I can always tell when a man/woman is interested in me”? Yeah, well I’ve never been one of those people. Unless a man says to me, “I like you” I may just be thinking we’re great pals. If not that, it may take (unwanted) physical contact or another friend telling me that I’m an idiot if I can’t see what’s right in front of me.

Its my best guess that this is mainly because I’m still getting used to being attractive. Not to sound woe-is-me-ish, but its true. I was very insecure and didn’t really become COMPLETELY comfortable with the way I look until my senior year of college. I can’t even say that I’m even 100% comfortable today, but no more uncomfortable than the next person with bits and pieces of themselves they’d like to change, but I digress.

My oblivion to the attraction of the opposite sex became clear(er) lately. For example, I have a friend who I was attracted to and slightly interested in at one point. It was nothing serious, I would just lightly flirt here and there. He never took me seriously, and I didn’t either really. I’ve been trying to get this guy to play tennis with me for about the last year or so. We kept missing each other, and then it got too cold. Now that spring is here, I mentioned that I’d still like to learn how to play. He let me know that he now lives in New York, but if I’m ever around, I should drop by and he’ll “teach me everything he knows.”…………..I responded by saying that it was great that he’s in a new city, and I’m up to my same old tricks. I also told him that I thought about going to NY this summer to experience it as an adult (only been on family trips), and asked if he had any places to recommend. His reply: “Definitely let me know if you’re going to be anywhere near NY, it would be great to finally hang out. Again, my number is………”

After I read that message, I paused. Then I went back and read the first message. And paused. Then I read the messages I sent to see if I sounded to him the way his messages sounded to me. Nope, doesn’t look like it. Then I paused. Then I read it all over again starting with mine, and ending with his. Then, it came to me…….this guy is hitting on me! Someone else may have picked up on it in the first message, but not me. I’m evidently a slow-poke.

I had very mixed feelings about this situation. On one hand, I was a little excited because this great guy that I had a kiddie crush on a while back was flirting with me. A much larger part of me felt a bit turned off.  Sure I’d done a little bit of flirting with him, but he never once obliged. How dare he now hit on me now that it’s convenient for him! Some nerve! Well, my Dentist friend, I like my beaux better than you, and you no longer do it for me. And Jerica will play tennis with me 😉

I recently encountered another, much more awkward situation that let me know my pal would like to knock my boots. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say he, along with the Dentist helped me to be much more aware of the things men say to me. So now, you’re either like a brother or you’re a beaux. No in-between. We’re either farting, drinking, and plotting on how to hook him up with my friend or we’re cuddling and boning. There may have been a gray area before, but I like the idea of my black and white relationships 🙂 Is this to say that men and women can’t have platonic relationships? Absolutely not. But the next time someone asks for a date, I reject, then they ask if we could just be “friends”, I’m going to run for the hills. I don’t need those type of friends or those type of problems.

  1. May GOD Bless!!! Mark

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