Facebook discussions: On Legalizing Gay Marriage in DC

A few months back I posted a status on my Facebook page asking for opinions about legalizing gay marriage in DC. This status caused much discussion and much controversy. At the end of the day, there were almost 90 comments from my friends having banter with one another. I reserved my comment until the very end so that I could see what others had to say. I thought it was an amazing discussion, and I wanted to share what I had to say through a different outlet. Not to spark more discussion, just because I wanted something different on my blog of club chronicles and datingships. So here was my response:  

Ok, my turn. I do not believe in same-sex marriage because I don’t believe in homosexuality. I think homosexuality is wrong, plain and simple. Until today, I was a firm believer that nobody is born gay. I’ve changed my stance. I now absolutely believe that one can be born gay. We are all born into sin. Some born into homosexuality, others into addiction. Some weren’t born into homosexuality and later made a choice, just as fornicators, liars, and thieves have. However, just because a person is born with something inside of them doesn’t make what’s dwelling in them right. Personally, I think I was born with a little extra freak in me. If I had it my way, I’d be a porn star! But just because I feel like having sex with people of my choice in exchange for millions of dollars seems like a great freakin idea, I don’t think God would agree. Do I do things God probably wouldn’t agree with? Plenty. I pick my poison just as I feel homosexuals and everyone else who isn’t Jesus pick theirs. Will I, a fornicator who curses like a sailor and drinks like a fish be judged? Absolutely. Will I make it into heaven? I certainly hope so. Will DeMarcus, a homosexual be judged? Absolutely. Will he make it in? I certainly hope so. Will Jay-Z? Fat chance. God knows my heart just as he knows the heart of the homosexual, and he will judge accordingly. I couldn’t care less if gay marriage is legal or not. Do you think by keeping it illegal homosexuals will do an about-face? I have the answer. The answer is no. Conversely, do you think weed smokers could give a damn if marijuana was legalized? Hell no. Them mofos are gonna blaze either way. Don’t let society define what’s right and wrong. Our society is fucked up. Our society put Arnold into office twice. Our society shines more light on the real housewives of Atlanta than assholes like Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, who replied “tough shit” when asked to comment about the unemployment crisis. Our society takes their children out of class so they don’t have to hear President Obama encouraging them to stay in school and become productive citizens. All in all, I believe homosexuality is wrong, but I don’t feel it is any more wrong than any sin that a heterosexual commits. My thoughts are based off of my belief in God, and apply only to me. I can’t speak on the next person and their relationship (or lack thereof) with God.

  1. i really love ur point of views!! dang…!

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