An Incomplete List of Things I Wish I’d Completed…

Its my personal belief that I’m a very intelligent and talented person. Always have been. My problem is that I’ve never focused on anything long enough to master it or sometimes even complete it. For that reason, I’m willing to bet that this post won’t reach its final destination.

1. Ballet/Tap.

I’m convinced that this is where my habit of leaving things incomplete began. I’m not sure how long I went to ballet/tap rehearsals before I dropped out, but I do know I never made it to my first recital. In my defense, my mother went back to work and was unable to continue to take me to rehearsals, so I couldn’t do it anymore. Although I’d considered it, I’ll probably never pick up either again. But I’ll never forget my shuffle-shuffle-tap combo.

2. Drums.

Most kids get to an age where they want to start experimenting with instruments if their parents haven’t forced them to already. I considered the alto sax, piano, and clarinet. I learned how to play Sweet Jesus on the piano, then landed on drums. I’d like to think that I was just that out of the ordinary as a 10-year old girl, but truth be told, I wanted to play because my brother wanted to play. So, my parents bought us a great set complete with a hi-hat, snare, 2 toms, floor tom, and 2 cymbals. Needless to say, it was pretty hot. We even had lessons. I learned how to do a few basic beats, learned how to read music, and even got some practice in at church. Sure, with any instrument, you have to practice to achieve mastery. But with the drums, you’re using 2 hands, 2 feet, all while trying to stay on beat. This lasted for about 4 months before I gave it up. Practice was one reason, but the girl drummer doesn’t get as much show time at church as the actual grown-up and teenage boy drummers. So I said screw it and started sewing.

3. Sewing.

Now this is something that I never followed through with but will probably pick up again in the very near future. Sewing has got to be one of the easiest things to excel in. You have a machine, scissors (not just any scissors, specifically fabric scissors), and a pattern? Boom! You’ve got a fly ass dress! I used to make clothes, window treatments, doll clothes, pot holders, pillow cases, placemats, and the list goes on. If it’s made of fabric, I can make it.  I didn’t have just any SINGER machine, I had a serger. You know how you get that cool as loopy design at the hem of your garment? Serger, son.

4. Cheerleading.

Not only was I a cheerleader, but I was the tallest, biggest, strongest, and the only Black chick on the squad. Talk about standing out. Now when I say big and strong, I was 5’10”, and weighed a cool ass buck-twenty five. Soaking wet. Apparently when you wear a size 6, you’re the big girl on the squad. I said all that to say that even though I tried to blend in, I couldn’t, so whatever I did, EVERYONE noticed. With that said, I made it my mission to be a good ass cheerleader. I always got to do the cool ass Bring it On Style stunts, danced the best, and became a staple for anyone needing to be thrown 25 feet in the air. I quit after my second year because I had to buckle down to focus on getting into college. For me, this meant trading in my 6am practice for an extra language course. Had I known that I was going to the nigga school that is Howard University that accepted me without an admissions essay, I would’ve stuck with cheerleading.

5. Drama.

Quitting drama is probably one of my biggest regrets in life so far. I absolutely loved theater, and was pretty damn good at it. Like REALLY good at it. I could go into a rant of how talented I am, but anyone who knows me in real life knows that I’m a pretty foolish character. Let’s just say that this translates into EXCELLENCE in an organized thespian setting. You know how moms have intuition when it comes to which areas in life you should consider more than others? Well my mom thought I should either be an actress, lawyer, or special needs teacher. Mama knows best.

6. Crochet.

This is a craft I picked up in college. I used to sit as a lobby monitor in one of the male freshman dorms, which can get to be pretty freakin boring. So, whenI wasn’t doing homework, watching the 4 channels on the 13″ TV, or talking to the residents who lingered around my desk, I was crocheting. I started an afghan that later turned into a long ass scarf, a scarf that later turned into a potholder, and a bunch of pieces with different designs and patterns that would one day be used for some other project. Not only does crocheting demand rigorous consistency in tension, but it demands a great deal of patience. Patience is a virtue I have yet to master. But one day, I’m going to finish all of the projects of soft yarn that I set out to finish 5 years ago.

7. Veganism.

Changing my lifestyle was the easy part. Trying to afford all of the non-animal/animal bi-products is a hard pill to swallow. This is something I haven’t completely given up on, but can’t fully commit to until I am in a different stage of my life. First, I tried vegetarianism, then realized that vegetarianism doesn’t make any damn sense. Especially for the ones who still eat seafood. What the fuck is that? To all of my vegetarian brothers and sisters in the world, I leave these three words: Read a book. Thank you.

8. Photo albuming.

The summer before I left for school, I bought a photo album, and made it my new project to put all of my loose photos into an album in (somewhat) sequential order. As it was my last summer at home with my friends and my last opportunity to cut up the way that only we could, I didn;t have much time for anything other than trips to Six Flags, partying, $1 movies, and church. So, I decided to take it with me to school to finish when I got homesick. I never got homesick. 7 years later, I still have yet to put one damn picture in that album. In fact, when I moved to Silver Spring last weekend, I made sure to put everything in a bag with the things I’d have to access regularly, just so I’ll force myself to feel bad for procrastinating.

9. Photography.

Another hobby I wish I would’ve kept up with. I became very fond of photography in high school, and even considered going to a College of Photography. Then I remembered that trade school was like Devry. Everyone ACTS like they’re so proud that you’re doing something with your life, when they’re relly rolling their eyes at your shortcomings. And by shortcomings, I mean your poor selection of post-high school studies. So, I decided I’d just buy a fly ass camera, and take a couple photography classes when I got to Howard. Little did I know, when you major in International Business, there’s no room in your scheme to blow your nose, let alone take a class outside of your major.

10. Exercise.

A never ending battle between my mind, appetite, and my skinny genes.

    • MindTheBlazerPlease
    • August 9th, 2010

    I myself have a bucket list of things i did not finish. probably won’t it lazy..Ironic you spoke about ballet. I figure individuals who took up ballet were very coordinated..good footwork etc..Drums can also help in those aspects..Good blog either way..Serger son!!

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