Show and Tell

People are stupid. Most people don’t know what they want when it comes to most aspects of life. We want a Liberal President who has conservative views toward gay marriage. We spend obscene amounts of money to go to college and study the one think we will never make a career out of. We (they) want to believe that Kobe is the best player in the NBA, but because he’s arrogant, we cue our inner-band-wagon-jumpers and become Miami fans. Even if we do know what we want, we have a difficult time expressing it without upsetting the next person. 

This is especially true when it comes to matters of the opposite sex. A man wants a woman that makes good money, just as long as she isn’t making more than he is. A man wants a woman to shut the hell up and leave him alone, but then asks a million questions about the most intricate and ridiculous details of any friendship with another man. A man wants a woman that is a super freak, but only with him (I’ve never heard of a monogamous super freak). A woman wants a man to drive everywhere, but then wants to navigate his route. A woman wants a man to be a sensitive thug. A woman isn’t satisfied with all the things a man does to show he cares until he says, “I care.” Word?

 Well not me, folks. I want the Lakers to win EVERY year, I want hot sauce on my burrito, I want my President to play basketball, and I want my dude to show and tell.

Some are never satisfied if you show them how you feel without ever actually saying it. Some need to hear the words. Maybe I’m harder to please, because I want BOTH. All the time. It just seems logical to me. I’m never going to guess how you feel about anything, so I need to hear the words uttered from your mouth. I hate when my friends say things like, “You know he likes you” or “You know he cares about you”. Do I? Do you? How the hell do you know how this guy feels about me if he hasn’t told either one of us? Sure he does nice things for me, that’s what nice guys do. Doesn’t mean he has extended feelings for me. At the same token, if you’re telling me one thing, but your lack of action leaves me with nothing more than your words to go off of, then you’re not in great shape either. I can’t make myself believe that you like spending time with me if you never ask to spend time with me, or never take any initiative to try and do anything with me. Show me AND tell me. Every time. I hate guessing games, and I hate trying to read minds. Tell me what’s going on in your head, and then let your works eliminate any doubt I may have or try to develop.

I don’t even know if this post makes sense, as much as it is me venting, but here it is.

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