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Where to go to meet attractive men

Fact: (most) Women hunt down single, attractive men like bloodhounds. It has come to my attention that my gender-mates have run out of places to meet attractive men (in DC) that aren’t pretentious, gay, or posers. So, I took the liberty of compiling a list of watering holes where one can “accidentally” bump into what could potentially be a solid dude.

In 2009, women are conditioned to think that in order to find the man of her dreams, she may have to lower her standards or even accept the fact that he may not be Black. Bah humbug! If I want a short, purple strapless dress that’s  fun and flirty, but not slut-tastic, and makes me feel like the sexiest woman in the room, I’m certainly not going to settle for the blue halter dress that I may have to sacrifice my bra for. More importantly, I’m not going to begin my quest for such a dress at JC Penney. I believe that I can have exactly what I want. I just have to know where to find it.

The average woman will set out to find her perfect man that she’s coincidentally “not looking for” at a club, lounge, or bar. Wrong. If you don’t want what everyone else has, you can’t take the same approach everyone else takes. Forget the club for now. If all else fails, you can drop it like its hot and gain the attention of several on-lookers who’d love to take you home. In the meantime, try some place new:

The gym

And by gym, I mean the indoor basketball court. Most men love to play basketball. Period. At the very least, the basketball court gives you the opportunity to check out a man’s body without having to take your clothes off, it let’s you see what kind of swag he has, and you can usually see the size of his penis through his basketball shorts. (Sorry to be so direct, but yes, we all think about it) Now, I wouldn’t suggest strapping on your NIKEs and throwin on a sports bra to get in the game. That would land you no place but the “I’ll fuck her, but I’d never date her” zone. Most indoor gyms have gym equipment. Get your sexy ass on the treadmill and let that man check you out, because he’s definitely looking. He’ll take it from there.

The bookstore

 Where else would one go to find a man who’s intelligent, intellectual, and takes an interest in something? Find a section that interests you, read the backs of a few books, and hell, learn something! It isn’t necessary for you to perpetrate and pick up The Art of War or the autobiography of Hakeem Olajuwon if that’s what you’re not into. Be yourself, read up on whatever interests you. You never know who you’ll meet in the aisles of Barnes & Noble.

A sports bar

 Approach this one lightly, ladies. In fact, bring a girlfriend along to avoid looking desperate. There’s nothing wrong with having a drink and some potato skins with your best girlfriend on the night that the Laker game HAPPENS to be on. The way to a man’s heart is through his game-day appetizers and his favorite sports team. Pay attention: DO NOT insult the team that the man that’s eyeing you from across the bar is obviously rooting for. This means before he approaches you and while he’s attempting to strike up convo. (This will usually happen during half-time or after the game is over) It’s ok to have a favorite team of your own, but don’t go out of your way to insult his team because you think its sassy. Its not. It makes you very, very, very ugly to him.


 Talk of movies (and music) has to be the easiest and most comfortable conversation you could ever have with a man. There’s a huge possibility that you may be interested in the same, if not similar movies. Chances are, this man likes to stay in and watch movies some nights. Can’t lose there.