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Happy Feelings

I am having an absolutely phenomenal day, for no particular reason at all! I’m just glad that I exist! Not worried about life’s burdens, personal problems, or shortcomings (which are omni-present). If I ever find myself in a position to speak to a group of people in hopes to inspire them, I would entitle my message “I’ve changed my mind.” Today, I’ve changed my mind about so much. I’ve decided at this very moment, that I’m beyond so many things. I’m over that man that was the subject of my last post (I know, it was pretty pathetic, but that’s how I felt that day), I’m over worrying about tomorrow, and I’m over stressing things that I can’t change. Even now as I’m typing, I can’t help but sway back and forth in my seat to the tune of a happy song in my head. Here, join me: By the way, if you aren’t in Washington D.C. today, it’s absolutely glorious outside! I feel so fortunate to be able to witness the majesty of God’s creation, and embrace it on a day as lovely as today. I feel so absolutely relieved that I was able to let go of the things weighing me down.

There’s nothing else like the moment in time where you realize that your situation no longer dictates your existence. I don’t know if the word, ‘epiphany’ can accurately portray the magnitude of that moment. Maybe i should use ‘revelation’. A striking disclosure………yeah, that’s the one. I guess it’s striking because in that moment, everything is just right. For me, that moment came while I was in the shower yesterday. How appropriate. I could literally feel all of my stressors being washed away from my body with every drop that ran from my head, down my face, and splashed at my toes. Once I stepped out, I witnessed myself in the most simplistic form. Absolutely naked. No clothes, no chemicals, nothing artificial, fabricated, or deceptive. The shit was poetic. At that moment, there was nothing that I wished to change, and to me, I was absolutely beautiful. Not perfect, just beautiful. Everything was just as it was supposed to be, and I smiled.

Speaking of smiles, it has been my observation that a smile is incredibly powerful.  It’s easy to negate so many views, objections, and ill thoughts with just a simple smile.  An unwanted advance from the opposite sex can be denied with fewer insults, name-calling, and spitting (yes, spitting) with just a smile and a simple, “No, thank-you.” Cat calls from random belligerents on the corner will not continue to harass you as long as you offer a smile, and continue walking. I even like to give a little attention in return, maybe a wink or a wave,  so I don’t feel so much like the zebra being stared at and studied by the greedy ass lion, and more like a mutual particpant in the encounter.  We’re all aware of “the look” that Black women give one another in passing to size each other up. This “look” is usually followed by thoughts like, “I bet she thinks she’s cute” or “I know I look better than she does” or other insecure bullshit. I’ve found that when you find yourself being given the evil eye of insecurity, a simple smile will completely throw them off. We all know how a wink and a smile makes other people feel special or important, but it also does wonders for self. Forcing yourself to smile can change the condition of your day from miserable to pretty swell in no time. It’s just good for you. It makes you feel better, look better, and keeps you sane.

“You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good. You play good, the pay is good!” -corny but cute from Deion Sanders

Sing a song, celebrate the day.