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Short and Sweet: The #1 Thing a Woman Should Never Have to Do


 Buy condoms.

The down time between the heat of the moment, and the time it would take you to go and come back to the store is too long to keep me enticed. Furthermore, do you know how difficult it is as a woman to try and guess what size/brand/type of condom she should purchase???

Man: “Stop and get some rubbers before you get here. I’m out.”

Woman: “Ok, which ones should I get?”

(Every) Man: “Girl, you know I only wear MAGNUMS!”

Woman: “Whatever. Well they have a couple different ones. Any preference?”

Man: “Nah, just get whatever.”

Woman: “Ok, do you wear a large or an EXTRA-LARGE?”

Man: “Don’t play, you know what I wear.”

Woman:  (Embarassing moment of silence) “I left my credit card in the clutch I had last night, can you just go get some?”

See how awkward that can be? Maybe this conversation isn’t the same for everyone, but that’s just how I picture it playing out in my head. What if the store is out of what he normally wears? What’s the next best thing? What if the size he tells me to get is too big for him in my opinion, so I get a smaller size, and then he gives me the screw face when I show up with extra-medium rubbers? All of these things can play a big role in how the rest of the evening plays out. The way I see it, I’ll start buying  a man’s condoms when he starts buying my “girl stuff”. I don’t know what you need, and you don’t know what I need, so everybody just get your own family planning/feminine products. I understand that some would say since both parties are benefitting and in need, either party should be willing to buy them. I totally understand, but that argument is not compelling enough to convince me of anything.